UBI participates in 2017 Wish Merchant Summit

15 Sep 2017

Mr Eric Bishop, Logistics Head of Wish USA, gave the participants an introduction to the Wish evaluation system for logistics services, which includes the timeliness, consistency, visibility and refund policy among others. Through this system, Wish will develop corresponding incentive and exit policies for logistics service providers to ensure that they provide qualified logistics services to the users. Going forward, Wish will improve on the training and management of Wish overseas warehouse, refine on the evaluation system, strengthen the logistics monitoring, and improve overall logistics services.

Mr Gary Ding, President of Wish China, indicated that in the next stage of platform planning, Wish will continue to enhance platform traffic, strengthen product category support, deepen inventory management and promote logistics improvements.

A.Platform traffic will be enhanced through improving UGC content for incremental traffic operations, accelerating evolution of ProductBoost, and introducing product branding factor to improve traffic evaluation system.

B.Strengthening of product category support is to be achieved through improving guidance and data support from platform and new features.

C.For deepening of inventory management, Wish will continue to focus on FBW, including FBW-US/EUROPE and the upcoming FBW-CN.

D.Finally, Wish will promote logistics improvements through 3 dimensions, namely (1) recommend logistics services based on result and quality-oriented intelligent routing strategy, (2) implement a step-based framework for order fulfilment comprising of overseas warehouses fulfilment, local warehouse fulfilment, and drop-ship fulfilment, and (3) develop a comprehensive, timely and accurate process monitoring system.


As a world’s leading provider of e-commerce logistics services, UBI Smart Parcel participates in 2017 Wish Merchant Summit as its official logistics partner. UBI Smart Parcel has already launched highly cost-effective logistics solutions to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, Europe and other countries. We welcome all sellers to contact us for more details on our products.