Enjoy huge savings from UBI Smart Parcel Canada Service!

16 Feb 2017

Dear customers


We are glad to announce that UBI Smart Parcel China-Canada Service has start off the new year with a slew of positive events:

  1. Going online on eBay Asia Shipping Platform
  2. Commenced customs pre-clearance
  3. Impending direct injection into Toronto


In conjunction with the above, UBI will be rolling out our Spring promotional offers in Mar, with details as follows:


Eligible customers: New customer, defined as customer who has not used UBI China-Canada Service for the past 3 months as at 28 February 2017. Existing UBI customers are not eligible to participate in this promotion offer.


Promotion Period: 1 March 2017 to 31 March 2017. The date and time stamp from parcel scan at UBI first receiving operation hub will be used as the reference date.


Promotion Details:

  1. Every parcel will receive a subsidy of RMB2.80, with the amount deducted directly from the billing statement
  2. Each customer will only enjoy a subsidy of up to RMB2,800. The 1001st parcel onwards will not enjoy anymore subsidy.
  3. UBI reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity to the extent permitted by law


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