UBI Smart Parcel Gains High Praise From Local Charities In Australia

20 June 2016

UBI Smart Parcel always put the “Promote the Social Value of enterprise” on par with “Pursuit of the Commercial Value as well as Improvement of Clients Experience” since the establishment of the company. UBI Smart Parcel donates all those unwanted parcels in Australia to local charities in Australia when we implement the China – Australia Routes several years ago.

On 4th May, 2016, UBI Smart Parcels receives a letter of appreciation from Jesus, Light of World Communities which is a social charity organization in Australia. The contents of the letter indicates the donation from UBI Smart Parcels enables the Charity to convert those unwanted parcels into cash in order to help the poor people especially some areas of Philippines.

The Letter of Appreciation shows the Corporate Value of UBI Smart Parcel has been well  recognized by the communities in Australia while the encouragement will further motivate all hierarchies of UBI Smart Parcel to spread the “Universal Value” to a broader scope !