Service Features

  • 1st in the industry to offer diroct routes from ChinaHong Kong to 4 major Australia gatoways allowing reliable transit time in betwon 4-9 days.
  • 96% on time delivery with lower defect rate compare with other major service providers.
  • Pioneerof fully racked and signed small package delvey sevice and a tansparen loisics soluton fo seles and consumers by usng ePacal -.te tog seling roductofAustralia Post
  • Acceptance of delivery to P.O Box and 24/7 parcel lockers.
  • All Parcels pre-cleared through Customs/Quarantine with 0.06% Held Ratio (Average Market Ratio of 5%)
  • Exta benehis incude favcrable chargeabe weight ato,theatilitie tohande high value producls,oversized packages,oveweight packages (up to 30kgs) as well as packagescontaining batteries.